The surprise is the magical moment when the cook's research enhances life.



Christmas 2019

Surlo, fermented drinks and little jokes while waiting

Crostone with fermented melon, mycelium broth

Canapé with cotechino, kimchi and zabaglione

Laquered eel with flamed vinegar caramel, mustard lovage sauce, coconut ricotta cheese

Cappelletti filled with duck meat, ginger broth and candied artichokes

Risotto with red tea and smoked trout

Marinated capon in trachegn essence cookies on gay, its grounds, almonds sause

Oranges marshmallow, spiced water chocolate

Orzo bimbo bim bum bam

New year's eve dinner

El Marozen, fermented drinks

White berries Tenuta Grillo

Pumpkin, yogurt, celeriac, fermented gooseberry

Salt cod, purple potato cream, oranges foam, cocoa grue

Sweetbread, scoby, black cabbage

Cappelletti filled with sheep goat cheese, fermented lemon peel, pears broth

Teresa Cascina Tavjin

Risotto with kimchi and Garum

Where’s my sheep?

Lentils and cocoa cannoli, black artichokes ice cream, coffee foam.

Champagne Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Debas Comin